Girl Scout Connects with Her Worthington Community in Taylor Village—One Book at a Time

On Tuesday, April 23rd in celebration of World Book Day, Gianna A. completed her Girl Scout Silver Award project by installing a free micro-library in her neighborhood’s pool and recreation area.

In a world that is dominated by the use of technology, this Girl Scout Cadette often found herself feeling bored once there was nothing left to do on her phone. When she asked her mom about activities, the answer was always the same, “Go outside,” she would say, or, “read a book”. When it came to the latter, Gianna’s response would always be the same, “I’ve read all of my books”. That led Gianna to think about how the closest library to her house was at least 7 miles away. Gianna then considered that there must be an easier way to get kids out of the house and into a good book. While doing research for her Girl Scout Silver Award project, she learned about different community-based programs where a child can donate books they have finished reading, and in exchange, get new books for free.

One program in particular, in which birdhouse-like structures filled with donated books are placed in community common areas, caught her attention. Anyone can come and take a book or two and in return, donate one of their old books to the box. This type of upcycling has taken the nation by storm, with almost 75,000 of these book boxes all over the country. Gianna decided she wanted to help her community join in on this fun version of recycling. By doing this, she not only is saving the trees, and reducing on carbon dioxide emissions, that would be released with the throwing away of old books, but she’s also helping her community come together by getting them off their screens.

Working with the Taylor Village homeowners association, her school, and the local Children of America childcare center, Gianna picked a location that she thought would be easily accessible and heavily trafficked by children. With the help of her parents, her little sister Rhea, and her Girl Scout troop mates, she got to work on the installation. She clearly picked a great location because before she even finished loading the donated books into her library, a brother and sister approached with their mom and asked if they could each have a book to read. In this instance, she connected with her community, two books at a time.


Wat to go, Gianna! Do you want your project or activity to be featured on the GSCM blog? Click here to send us your stories!

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