No Soliciting Unless You Sell Thin Mints

Selling products to customers can be intimidating if you think about it. You have to come up with a great pitch, approach strangers and prepare yourself for possible rejection. There’s a reason why companies have marketing and sales departments. It takes confidence, determination and know-how to be successful in the world of sales. Every year without fail Girl Scouts prepare for the annual cookie sale. Making decisions on where they want to sell, what tools to use and even planning what activities the money will be used for.

During the sale the girls face challenges that they have to overcome. One of those challenges is the infamous “No Soliciting” signs on people’s door. It can be discouraging to see that people aren’t even interested in your product or services before they even know what it is. It’s also important to respect and honor consumers’ wishes. One Girl Scout from Troop 1362 SU 674 faced this challenge. She told her mother that when she grows up she will have a sign that says “No solicitation unless you’re selling Girl Scout Cookies or Boy Scout popcorn.”

The next day when they were outselling cookies they came across a house that had a no solicitation sign on it. They were going to leave when this business savvy Girl Scout realized that the sign said, “No solicitation unless you’re selling Thin Mints.” Quickly she pointed this out to her mother who agreed that it would be okay for her to approach the house. With the confidence of a future business woman in the making she stepped up to the door and knocked. When the gentleman answered the door, she went right in with her pitch saying, “I’m a Girl Scout and I’m selling thin mints, would you like to buy any?” As she said this she pointed to the sign on the door gently reminding him that it was okay for her to sell there. The gentleman ended up buying not one but two boxes of Thin Mints!

Selling Girl Scout cookies has many benefits but one of the most important ones has to be the skills that they learn while participating in the sale. This young Girl Scout exemplifies the Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker and Leader mentality we love to see in our girls.

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