The Kindness of Cookies

The holiday season is upon us and many of us are looking for ways to spread the feelings of joy and kindness. From the time spent with family and friends to the thoughtful presents given to one another, it’s something that many people look forward to. Around this time of year many Girl Scout Troops dedicate time to community service projects as well as take the time to thank others that have made a difference in the community. One way the girls do this is through the program “Cookies from the Heart,” that invites customers buying cookies to donate boxes to a charitable cause.

Troop 1351 Kindness of Cookies

Our first story comes from Brownie Troop 1351. The girls delivered cookies to the staff at Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School to show their appreciation for their teachers. The “Cookies from the Heart” initiative allowed the girls to make their teachers’ day and also showed them the importance of giving back to others. When it was all said and done both the girls and the teachers were in the holiday spirit.

Troop 1099 Cookies from the Heart

Next up, Troop 1099 delivered 72 boxes to My Sister’s Place in Baltimore to bring women and children some holiday cheer. My Sister’s Place is a women’s day shelter and resource center for women and children dealing with homelessness.

Cookies From the Heart VA Hospital

Karen Schroeder helped deliver cookies from Troop 1680 to the Baltimore VA Hospital.

Troops 1680, 496, and 90 teamed up together and donated 115 boxes of cookies to the Baltimore Veteran’s hospital for staff and patients.

John Frye Kindness of Cookies

John Frye, the Volunteer Donations Coordinator for Grassroots DRC.

Last but not least, Grassroots DRC came and picked up 1,200 boxes of cookies to go out to 8 different charities. In addition to the 8 charities the DRC will also be dispersing 200 boxes of cookies to smaller organizations within the Baltimore City and Howard County areas. All of the donations came from various Girl Scout Troops around central Maryland.

Cookies from the Heart reminds us that there are many ways to be kind and serve our communities. Even though one box of cookies may not seem like a lot it shows others that people do appreciate and care about them. To the public service workers such as the police officers and firefighters all the way to citizens falling on hard times. This is a way that everyone can come together and really feel their significance in the community.


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