From Past to Present GSCM Offers New Trailblazer and Mariner Programs

Does exploring the wilderness, climbing through trails and connecting with nature excite you? Maybe you’re more of a water-based activity person and love sailing or swimming. Either way Girl Scouts offers something that will satisfy your needs for both. The Trailblazer and Mariner programs have been around since the 1950s and 1934 respectively; challenging Girl Scouts to take their goals to new heights, literally. The programs are available for girls in grades 8 through 12 and the specialized troops meet at least once a month.  

There are many benefits to joining a Trailblazer or Mariner troop. Just like any other troop they offer an all-girl environment where girls can earn badges, go on journeys and work towards earning their highest award. For girls in Mariner troops they have the opportunity to connect with other Girl Scouts in other Mariner troops at GAM also known as a Gathering of All Mariners. Trailblazers have the unique opportunity to participate in activities like backpacking in other countries if they decide to take a Destination trip. Girl Scouts also offers special pins for Trailblazers and Mariners to wear on their uniforms. 

Now you’re probably wondering, “how can I experience these amazing programs at a time like this?” Well, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland has created a hybrid of programs that will let girls enjoy both virtual and in-person activities through its “At Home Camp Adventures” summer camp. The Trailblazer program will last for four weeks and offers many exciting activities such as rock climbing and repelling, mountain biking, target sports and much more. The Mariners program offers snorkeling, canoeing, boat handling and a lot more. Registration is open now. If you would like to more about the Trailblazer and Mariner offerings click here. Take a look below to see what the Trailblazer and Mariner programs have to offer!

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