5 Tips to Help Boost Your Cookie Sales

5 Tips to Help Boost Your Cookie Sales

Whether you’re a Girl Scout or a cookie fanatic, you know what time it is. That’s right, the Girl Scout cookie season is in full effect! Though this year’s cookie season looks a lot different than the years before it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful in reaching your cookie selling goals. Here are 5 tips to get you started on your cookie campaign.

Get to Know the Cookies

The most important thing for a sales person is to know the services and products they offer. It’s important that you know information about the cookies so that when you are making your pitch to customers you can highlight what’s so great about them. For example, your customer may want to buy cookies to help support you but they may have a gluten allergy. If you’re educated on your cookie line-up then you can make a pitch for the gluten free cookie option, the caramel chocolate chip cookie. Knowing the cookies is one way to maximize your sales. Click here, to learn cool facts about this year’s cookie line-up.

Get to Know Your Customers

So you know your product, now you need to get to know your customers. Every customer is different so it is important that you are able to think quick on your feet. Some customers are what we call “returning customers” or “loyal customers”, we call them that because every year like clockwork they’ll be there to buy their favorite cookies from you. Remembering those customers by name and what their favorite cookies are will make them feel valued and appreciated by you. Other customers may have never tasted a Girl Scout cookie before. This is where your cookie expertise will come into play. You can suggest some of your favorites or you can ask them what kind of sweets they like. Once you find out what they like you’ll know what cookies they’ll probably like the best and can make suggestions for their purchase.

Get Creative

Since this year most sales will be online it’s important that you get creative. This is the time where you can utilize skills that you have learned over the years through selling cookies or through pursuing your passions. If you love to take pictures, draw or create cool videos think about making a cookie commercial or poster so that customers will know where they can buy cookies from. Keep in mind that while doing these creative activities you can also work on earning badges. Check below to learn how to make a cookie commercial and some badges that you could possibly earn in the process.

Leverage the Girl Scout Brand

The Girl Scout brand is internationally known. Will there be people who have possibly never heard of it? Of course, but because it is such a widely known brand you can use this to your advantage. When making your pitch to customers make sure to let them know the true value of their purchase. They are not only getting tasty cookies but they are also helping support your next Troop activity. The Girl Scouts organization has been around for a long time and has a credible reputation with the public. That credible reputation goes a long way because when customers know a brand and what it stands for it gives them a sense of confidence when making a purchase from you.

Stay Motivated

The cookie selling business can be a tough one at times. Sometimes customers simply will not want to make a purchase or other times you might feel discouraged because your goal may seem far away. The best way to combat these obstacles is to do things to stay motivated. Remember to reach your big goal you have to meet small ones first. There are plenty of cookie program incentives that can help you keep your eye on the prize. Click here, to see all the rewards you can receive from this year’s sale. Also remember another way to reach your cookie selling goals is to sell throughout the entire sale, you never know when a customer will want to make a purchase, so stay sharp Girl Scouts!

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