Wonders of Water Brownie Journey

There are many problems facing the world today and while it can be overwhelming thinking about how much energy and effort it would take just to help solve one of the issues, that didn’t stop Girl Scout Brownie Julia B. She decided that everyone, including her,  has a role to play to make a difference if they just get a little creative. 

Brownie Julia B. with her book Willa’s Adventures.

In October, while Julia and her troop were working on their Wonders of Water badges she learned about a young girl in Africa who had to travel long miles to obtain water for her daily needs. The young girl would sometimes have to make multiple trips in a day which was both very time-consuming and back-breaking for her. Julia and her troop members had the opportunity to see how hard it is to do this by carrying two gallons of water up and down a hill for about 100 yards. She learned that someone built a well in the young girl’s village. This not only made it easier for the girl to obtain water but it also cleared up some time in her day so that she could now go to school.

Julia saw how one act of kindness changed one girl’s life and decided she had to take action so that she could help do the same thing. She talked to her dad about how she wanted to make a difference and he challenged her to think of ways that would help her accomplish her goal. That’s when Julia came up with the amazing idea that was a perfect combination of her creativity and fundraising skills. She had always loved to write and since the COVID-19 pandemic, she had been really refining her craft. She decided that she wanted to sell one of her stories to help raise money for her water project. Not only did Julia write the book, she also created the illustrations for it. With help from her dad she was able to get it published on Amazon. So far Julia has raised $3,371 of her $6,000 goal needed to meet her well project goal. If you would like to donate you can give directly to the Julia Campaign for Water page, or you can buy her book Willa’s Adventures . Proceeds from the book will go towards the water project. To learn more about Julia’s book read below.

7 year old Willa gets a surprise on her birthday, she is becoming the waterfall princess and joining her heroes – the Water Princess. Join Willa as she learns about her new home and school. The proceeds for this book will go to support building wells in Africa through The Water Project
Learn more about the campaign for water.

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