New Hammock Site at Camp Conwingo

In addition to a new aerial ropes course, horseback riding and a variety of fun skill-building activities and adventures, Camp Conowingo officially has a hammock camping site that takes overnight camping to a new level. Read why Jenna took this project on and see some of the steps involved.

Girl Scout Jenna along with others that helped build the new Hammock site at Camp Conowingo.

For my Gold Award I created and built this site at Hemlock Knoll which has a pavilion, fire circle, and latrines. When renting out this twelve person hammock camping site, twelve hammocks are included for use but make sure to check the weather as you may need to take tarps to stay dry. This site will soon be available for renting so make sure you keep an eye out for it!I chose this as my Gold Award as I wanted there to be another option for girls to get outdoors, go camping, and have a greater love for nature. Camp Conowingo was always one of my favorite Girl Scout camps and the site Hemlock Knoll was hardly ever used so I knew it would be the perfect place to build the site. After countless hours of planning and construction, it was finished. This site is the perfect place to camp under the stars with a beautiful view. It might even be used during resident camp! Here is a finished picture of the hammock site as well as a link to the Shutterfly site which contains a doc that shows you how to build your own hammock site.

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  1. This is awesome! Congratulations on your Gold for such an innovative idea that all will enjoy! When did you say it was available for rent? I’d like to take my Girlscouts there.

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