Annual Girl Scout Cookie Sale Empowers Girls to do the Extraordinary

Gwendolyn Maxson is the 2020-2021 Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Entrepreneur of the Year, a title she earned after selling 2,569 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  She accomplished this through her online sales efforts.  She and her mom both believe if she were able to host booth sales she would have sold even more. Gwen has been working to become a top cookie entrepreneur since she went to her first Top Cookie Seller event in 2018. She has been the Top Cookie Seller for Harford County for the past four years and has finally achieved her ultimate goal. Gwen, now a Girl Scout Cadette, has been a member of Girl Scouts for six years and, Gwen is autistic.

Gwen’s mother says that because she is a few years behind her peers she sometimes struggles with social events but, she added, we are finding ways to make it better. Her mother remembered two years ago when she and Gwen attended the Cookie Kick-Off event. Her mom said sometimes it is hard for others to accept Gwen and it is hard to watch when she is rejected by her peers. However, at the Cookie Kick-Off, she was happily surprised when girls they didn’t know came up to Gwen and gave her high fives and hugs. “It really made her feel included and a part of the event.” She continued saying, “You can’t force or just make that happen and it was the most heartwarming thing this mama has ever seen.” We are glad has Girl Scouts has been an accepting place for Gwen and congratulate Gwen–and her mom on her accomplishment!

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