Meet Taz

*This interview was featured in the Winter 2013 issue of GirlsWorld

Outdoor Program Specialist and Camp Director

Megan “Taz” Hardy is GSCM’s new Outdoor Program Specialist and Camp Director this summer. The new camp season begins in a few months on June 17. To find out more about the summer camp programs coming up this year, download Great Adventures, the Summer Camp Guide. Register for summer camp online.

Were you a Girl Scout:

Yes! I have been involved in Girl Scouts for 21years, and I am currently a registered as a lifetime member of Girl Scouts of the USA.

Any special certifications?

Wow what a question… I have experience in a lot of different areas. I have outdoor training with GSUSA, and I am an outdoor facilitator. I am also about to renew my certifications in archery, low ropes and high ropes and work toward my kayak instructor certification.

Where the nickname Taz came from?

I earned the camp name Taz when I was in fifth grade. I have a tendency to act like the Tasmanian devil cartoon character. I am little, with brownish red hair and I rush around quickly accomplishing all on my task. I believed I earned the name, because I would rush from task to task with camping and never take a break in between except to ask what was next.

What do you enjoy most about camping?

I love the outdoors and unplugging from the world. When I was a kid growing up in Kentucky I remember playing outside for hours with no TV, no game boys, no electronics… and I wouldn’t come home until sun down. When I am camping, I have that same experience. To be unplugged and free from all of the devices that connect us today, I have the opportunity to stop, and listen to the sounds of nature.

Have you ever been a camp counselor?

I was a camp counselor right here at Camp Conowingo. I was a Unit Leader in 2007, the Travel Camp Manger in 2008 and the Camp Business Manager in 2009.  My favorite year was when I was with travel camp—I took a group of girls to Shenandoah National Park for a G.A.R.C. Adventure. We went to three different campground over three different days. We hiked, saw waterfalls, braved the deer—which walked directly into our unit begging for food—and spend a full hour starting a fire for dinner in the rain. We had a blast!!

There are so many memorable experiences—during my first week as a camp counselor, there was a thunderstorm (there are always thunderstorms). I spent a good amount of time singing songs to the small group of girls under my care. It became a tradition. Each summer after that, I sang those songs whenever we were together. They are counselors now and I hope they will continue the tradition with their campers.

What things are you looking forward to about camp this summer?

I am always excited when camp season starts. I look forward to seeing familiar faces of girls from past summer and new faces of girls who are trying camp for the first time. I look forward to watching the girl grow during their week at camp. They learn so many things about themselves, and other while they are there and they try new things everyday they never consider they would try before. I love to watch them challenging themselves and succeed even with baby steps. The glow in their eyes as they light up with excitement having made a new accomplishment,. That is what I look forward to most.

What should girls know about Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Summer Camp?

Camp is for everyone! Whether you’re a first-time camper or a veteran seeking new adventures, you’ll find fun, friendship and memories to last a lifetime at Girl Scouts of Central Maryland summer camp.

What should parents know about Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Summer Camp?

Girls of Central Maryland summer camp features unique leadership opportunities where girls build valuable life skills that help them become leaders of tomorrow. They learn to be more independent and self-reliant, how to work with a team, and how to take action to protect the planet’s natural resources. Camp is a great place for a girl to unlock her potential and discover the world and the great outdoor adventures that await her! This unique environment helps her develop positive self-esteem, leadership skills and social skills all while having the time of her life. The summer camp experience is truly a building block in the development of girls into successful and resourceful young women. In this outdoor setting, girls develop a strong sense of self, gain practical life skills, become resourceful problem solvers, and cultivate healthy relationships by living and working together.

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