A “Thank You” for Troop 346

Earlier this month we received an email from a woman who encountered a nice surprise on her daily walk. She asked that we pass her gratitude along to the troop and leaders. Read her message below:

I’m a resident of Ednor Gardens, and every day I walk across the field

south of E 36th to the Y.  Starting this week, I noticed a box filled with bags

(both grocery and specifically doggy-waste bags) at the top of

the hill. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that troop 346 put

them out there, with the request that when the box was empty to recycle

it.  Even though I don’t have a dog, I was delighted that they offered

this to the community (I’d rather not have to clean my shoes

everyday!) I’ve talked to several other dog-owners  on my daily walks

who were also impressed.  It also gives gentle encouragement  to those

maybe not so diligent.

So please pass on my thanks to troop 346!  Good job, girls!  Keep on

looking out for needs in you community and finding ways to meet them!

 – Sara Anderson

Way to make a difference in your community, troop 346! If you know any members or leaders of this troop please pass on Ms.Anderson’s gratitude and a “high five” from GSCM!

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