Design the Lights for a Tree on the White House Lawn!


The National Parks Service and Google’s girl-focused coding website, Made W/ Code, are partnering together this holiday season to help girls around the world take an active part in making the holiday’s a little brighter! Starting on December 2nd, girls can go to and create their own lighting design that will be displayed on one of the 56 state and territory trees on the White House Lawn. Girls will be able to use a basic block coding program to design a lights pattern for and a tree and then pick which tree they would like their design to be displayed on. The coding will help girls pick their design, colors, and movement of the lights and how altering various aspects of these categories can change the overall vision of the lighting design. When finished, girls will submit their coding light design and will be given a day and time in which they actually go and see their coding skills come to life!

Visitors to the Made w/ Code site can also make a unique snowflake and animate a Yeti, all through the same coding and design process. Encourage your girls to explore the Made W/ Code website this holiday season and see what unique and entertaining technology they can design.

Click here to get coding!

For more information about the partnership between the National Parks Service and Google’s Made W/ Code, please click here

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