Anne Arundel County Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients


There have been a total of 1,498 girls who have received the Girl Scout Gold Award from the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. This year, there are 78 new recipients that will join that honored rank, and 23 of those Girl Scouts are from Anne Arundel County!


South River High School, Troop 2422, Yrs. in GS: 13


Hannah addressed the issue that Anne Arundel Medical Center’s NICU did not have stools for caregivers to use while feeding and comforting premature and ill babies. Hannah sought donations for materials and then led a team of volunteers to construct the specialized nursing stools, which are designed to relieve pressure and strain from caregivers’ backs, arms, and legs. Hannah also created an instructional video on how to construct the stools for Girl Scouts and other NICU volunteers to use in the future.



South River High School, Troop 458, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Surviving Freshman Year”

Victoria was concerned about the anxiety 8th grade students felt when they were transitioning to high school in her Anne Arundel community, so she decided to develop a program to alleviate their fears. Victoria created a high school orientation workshop for graduating 8th graders at Crofton Middle School, as well as information brochures for them to take home. The workshop focused on class schedules, high school traditions, extracurricular activities, rules, and more. Crofton Middle School has agreed to continue to disseminate Victoria’s information to future 8th grade students.



Arundel Senior High School, Troop 4036, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Patuxent Schoolyard Garden Native Restoration”

Madeline wanted to combat the negative impacts of non-native gardening and cultivation in her local community, so she led a team of volunteers to replant the Schoolyard Garden Habitat of Patuxent Wildlife, in Anne Arundel County. She and the volunteers were able to recreate a natural habitat for native pollinators. Madeline raised money to purchase live seeds, non-toxic pesticides, and composts. Madeline’s garden will continue to be used for enjoyment and education by guests of the Patuxent Wildlife refuge, which also uses the garden to conduct educational programs on native plants and pollinators.



Severna Park High School, Troop 1039, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Fighting Invasive Plant Species”

Kendra addressed the issue of a non-native, invasive plant species, Japanese Stiltgrass, harming the ecosystem at the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, in Anne Arundel County. Kendra designed and conducted experiments to test different methods of native plant reintegration and invasive plant reduction in the area. She then presented the research from her project to various environmental organizations, volunteers, and the public in order to spread awareness about invasive plants and to offer suggestions on how to fight the issue on a larger scale.



Northeast High School, Troop 1066, Yrs. in GS: 10

“Golden Ramp to God”

Morgan was concerned about the safety of members of her Glen Burnie church congregation, so she led a team of volunteers to renovate the church’s ramp. The ramp at the church had become unsafe for members with disabilities, so Morgan led an extensive fundraising effort to purchase supplies and rebuild a safer ramp. Morgan used pressure-treated wood and other sustainable building materials to construct the ramp, and enlisted the commitment of the church’s Trustees to handle any further maintenance concerns.



Keystone National High School, Troop 1469, Yrs. in GS: 11

“Recovering from Stroke Bags”

Madison led four younger Girl Scout troops in her community through their First Aid badges, while also helping stroke patients hospitalized at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Madison and her Girl Scout troops put together bags for stroke victims comprised of donated toiletry items and homemade get-well cards. Madison also created laminated communication cards for the bags to aid in communication between patients and caretakers. Lastly, Madison held two mobile blood drives at her church, which directly benefitted Anne Arundel County Medical Center’s Blood Donor Center.



Troop 2173, Yrs. in GS: 11

“Elementary School Garden”

Catherine wanted to teach the students at Windsor Farm Elementary School in Anne Arundel County about sustainable living and healthy eating, so she created a vegetable garden. After extensive planning and fundraising, Catherine led a team of volunteers to construct the garden, which includes 880 square feet of planting space and an automated drip irrigation system. Teachers at the school will continue to incorporate Catherine’s garden into their lessons about healthy and sustainable lifestyles, and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will help physically maintain it.



Indian Creek High School, Troop 339, Yrs. in GS: 12

“The Cat Acclimation Project”

Christina was alarmed when she learned that many of the cats at her local Anne Arundel County animal shelter were returned because they did not get along with the adoptive family’s existing cat. To help alleviate this issue, Christina created informal guides for adoptive families, which outline how to properly acclimate the new cat into the home. After the success of the guides at her local shelter and veterinarian offices, Christina decided to put her information online so she could reach a broader audience and sustain her work.



South River High School, Troop 2190, Yrs. in GS: 11

“Bluebird Believers”

Alexandra brought awareness to the dwindling native bluebird population at General Corridor Park, in Anne Arundel County. Alexandra organized a team of volunteers to paint and construct bluebird houses, as well as clear off trails at the park in order to place the houses. Alexandra then created a map of the bluebird houses along the trails so future park visitors could access them and learn about this important bird. General Corridor Park staff members will keep up Alexandra’s bluebird trails and continue to supply her trail maps to park visitors.



Annapolis High School, Troop 96, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Artist Forum”

Sydney gave her community the opportunity to learn about art as a profession, and to meet industry professionals by putting on a large Artist Forum event in Anne Arundel County. Through the event, artists were able to share their struggles, successes, and offer advice to the event’s attendees. Sydney’s event even included a discussion panel where the artists were able to answer questions from the audience. Furthermore, Sydney invited local universities to her event so that interested attendees could receive information about how to start their own professional art careers.



South River High School, Troop 485, Yrs. in GS: 11


Valerie wanted to inform her Anne Arundel community about the health risks involved with inactivity during childhood, so she led a team to create a workshop to get kids up and moving. Valerie also consulted with a nutrition coach to teach the children how to eat healthily and follow proper serving size guidelines for the different food groups, through a series of fun and interactive games. The children who participated reported that will continue to use the information they received from Valerie’s workshop in the future.



South River High School, Troop 2422, Yrs. in GS: 10

“Bay Babies in Need”

Siena supplied 75 kits of essential baby items to mothers in need through FoodLink, an organization that supports the working poor living in Anne Arundel County. Additionally, Siena spread awareness about the growing poverty rate in her community through a video presentation, and various public speaking events. She also designed a thank you note for FoodLink, so that they can have a way to thank donors, and created an instruction manual for other troops and organizations to use so that they can make kits of baby items in the future.


South River High School, Troop 2422, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Woodlands Warrior”

Kristine was concerned that the erosion she witnessed at Camp Woodlands was negatively impacting her Anne Arundel Community and the Chesapeake Bay watershed as a whole. Kristine worked with a team of volunteers and the South River Federation to build a roadside swale system using stone berms and native vegetation to prevent storm runoff erosion at the camp. Kristine also held a large educational event for children so that they could learn more about their local environment and she secured the donation of a rain barrel to water a nearby garden.



Severna Park High School, Troop 2271, Yrs. in GS: 7

“Gardening for Kids”

Sarah promoted environment awareness by providing children in her Anne Arundel community the opportunity to participate in gardening and to learn more about the outdoors. Sarah set up an area in a local park where she taught children how to grow their own flowers through interactive lessons, and gave them information about how to grow flowers at their own homes. The children who participated in Sarah’s gardening classes were inspired to continue planting flowers, and to become involved in other environmentally friendly practices.



Meade Senior High School, Troop 745, Yrs. in GS: 11

“Getting Ahead in MYP”

Samantha created a series of after-school sessions designed to help 8th grade students in MacArthur Middle School’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) transition into their high school MYP/IB Diploma program. The MYP/IB Diploma program can be demanding and Samantha’s sessions gave students an insight into the program and taught them important life skills, such as time management and organization. The students who participated in the sessions were appreciative and felt more prepared for high school. MacArthur Middle School’s MYP Coordinator has agreed to continue Samantha’s after-school sessions beyond her involvement.



Indian Creek High School, Troop 2263, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue Office”

Marin is passionate about the Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue in Eastern Maryland and its mission of adopting horses at risk of being harmed or slaughtered. However, Marin noticed that the Rescue did not have the necessary space to conduct business. Marin did some research about construction, raised the funds needed, and then led a team of volunteers to renovate a small barn at the Rescue to serve as an office space. The Rescue now has a great functional space for visiting groups, open houses, and to conduct business for many years to come.



Severna Park High School, Troop 4814, Yrs. in HS: 12

“Folk Art Barn Quilt”

Julia promoted the folk art movement and brought awareness to the endangered status of century old barns. To do this, Julia led a team of volunteers to refurbish and paint a mural of a quilt on a historic tobacco barn at Kinder Farm Park in Anne Arundel County. She also installed an informational sign at the site so that visitors can continue to learn about the folk art movement, as well as the role old bards played in Maryland’s agricultural history.



Arundel Senior High School, Troop 458, Yrs. in GS: 13

“Dance Your Way into Health Fitness”

Michelle addressed the issue that children living at Sarah’s House, a transitional housing shelter in Arundel County, did not have access to proper information about their personal health. Michelle coordinated with the other groups in her community to put on an event, which demonstrated fun, easy, and inexpensive ways the children can stay healthy. Michelle also provided handouts to the children about healthy eating and exercise. Lastly, Michelle created manuals of her project and disseminated them to local dance studios so that they could continue her project in the future.



South River High School, Troop 1632, Yrs. in GS: 8

“Cultural Jewelry Club”

Thushiyaanthi used her artistic talents to create a jewelry making club for multicultural students from her local elementary school’s ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program. The club members met after school and bonded as a group as they made ethnic jewelry to donate to Sarah’s House, a shelter for homeless families in Anne Arundel County. Thushiyaanthi’s club was a great success, as the students who participated enjoyed learning a new craft and gained self-confidence through donating to others.



South River High School, Troop 2422, Yrs. in GS: 12

The Current Online”

Emma provided a forum for broadcast journalism at South River High School by designing and implementing an online school newspaper called The Current. Emma raised the funds to purchase the website’s domain name, built the website, transitioned the newspaper’s staff to the digital paper, and then created video tutorials on how to maintain the website for future students to access. The entire South River community is now able to obtain online knowledge of the events, activities, and experiences of the South River High School student body.



Mount de Sales Academy, Juliette, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Help for Haiti”

Victoria focused her project on alleviating the cholera epidemic in Haiti by raising money to purchase building supplies for a water purification system in the Haitian village of Declin. By having clean water, an individual’s risk of contracting cholera decreases dramatically. Victoria’s water purification system features solar panels and a solar pump so that it can self-sustained by solar energy. Victoria also organized and hosted an event called “Help for Haiti”, which raised money to purchase the supplies and also spread awareness of her issue to her local community.



Broadneck High School, Troop 2209, Yrs. in GS: 11

“Read to Succeed”

Linda worked to lessen the learning gap between special education and general education students at an elementary school in Anne Arundel County. Linda constructed a Book Nook in the school’s classroom to give the students a comfortable place to read and learn. Linda then took her project a step further and established a Read to Succeed service club at her high school. Every year the club will adopt a new elementary school in the area and place a Book Nook in that school’s special education classroom.



Northeast Senior High School, Troop 162, Yrs. in GS: 12

“Outdoor Family Area”

Danielle decided to bring her Pasadena community closer together by creating a comfortable area for residents to socialize around, at the local boat ramp. Danielle first met with her community’s association for approval, and then led a team of volunteers to install tables and benches, made from recycled materials. She also organized a Community Beach Clean-Up Day and block party in order to encourage residents to come together and utilize the new space. The community’s association will continue to maintain Danielle’s outdoor area.

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