Troop 5004 brings “Games with Girl Scouts” and more to Residents of Assisted Living Community


Troop 5004 recently made two very special trips to Homewood at Frederick, an assisted living community. During their visits, the girls entertained the residents, played games and talked with them about their favorite memories.

For their first visit, these innovative G.I.R.L.s created “Gaming with Girl Scouts,” where they combined popular game shows from the seniors’ time period into one game. This included Jeopardy, Password, Name that Tune, and Family Feud. Next, each of the girls paired up with a resident and interviewed them. The girls listened to the residents and took notes while the residents talked about their lives and favorite memories. During the next few weeks, the girls typed up their notes and created Tribute Pages for the residents.

On Troop 5004’s second trip, the girls performed a concert which included both popular and patriotic songs. They sang and played all different types of instruments. Later, the girls presented the residents with their Tribute Pages.

This experience was beneficial for Troop 5004, because they learned the importance of listening and learning from our elders and they enjoyed it immensely. The residents enjoyed talking about their lives and loved having the girls’ company.

Way to go, Troop 5004!


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