Camp Whippoorwill’s Secret Weapon for Yard Work


On Saturday, June 28, Camp Whippoorwill was overtaken by goats, but for a good cause. The goats were there to help clear away some of the invasive vegetation that had over taken a portion of the camp. Eco-Goats brought the goats into a fenced in section of camp on Saturday morning and in two days, they had cleared away much of the over-grown plants. Goats spend a third of their time eating and have special enzymes in their gut that allow them to eat plants that would be poisonous for other animals to consume. This makes goats well-suited as yard work secret weapons. According to the Eco-Goats website, 30 goats can clear a quarter-acre of land a day.

On Monday morning, Ranger Boots, the Eco-Goats team and several volunteers from the Y of Central Maryland helped to herd the goats for their trip back home to Davidsonville.

Our thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Trust for making this eco-friendly project possible.

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